AIA Nominates Lukshon, Earl’s, Pitfire, and Mendocino Farms

Vote Earl's Gourmet Grub!
Vote Earl’s Gourmet Grub! Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

It’s time for the American Institute of Architects to bestow its annual restaurant design awards on the nation’s interiors. Last year, South Beverly Grill took home accolades despite the paint hardly being dry, and this year AIA has gone a step further back and picked Gyenari, which is actually now closed to make room for Moko.

Zagat Buzz reveals a few more timely candidates in the pack, however, as Lukshon, Pitfire Pizza, Earl’s Gourmet Grub, and Mendocino Farms are all nominated to go under the microscope of judges like Mark Peel.

You can vote for a people’s choice online. We’re sorta rooting for Earl’s Gourmet Grub on this one. It’s a very cool-looking computational space. And sadly, with barely a single soul in search of ten dollar sandwiches that disappear in two bites these days, there’s plenty of room to take it all in. [Zagat Buzz]

AIA Nominates Lukshon, Earl’s, Pitfire, and Mendocino Farms