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1886 and Rokyo Truck Team Up at BreadBar’s Hatchi Truck Stop

Photo: Joyce Chung

Now that The L.A. Times has pounded a big fat nail into the coffin of the food truck craze, we’ll sit back and anticipate the day everyone gets sick of pop-ups or, more likely, restaurant events that falsely market themselves as such. But tearing us out of such jadedness are two enchanted words: tempura eggs. On Thursday, May 26th, Rokyo Gourmet Ramen Truck will shed its wheels for a one night Hatchi Truck Stop at BreadBar and the first order of business on Meghan Brenner’s menu is said tempura eggs, both deviled and soft-boiled, served on skewers with bacon-wrapped veggies. That is exactly what we want to be eating right now. What else will be on hand?

Rokyo has eight items on offer for the evening, all made with hormone-free meat and organic ramen and vegetables, like a brioche filled with Japanese chicken curry, green tea and lemon bibimbap, and of course, a bowl of ramen. To wash it all down, 1886 at The Raymond is sending along some new cocktails with Asian twists like a Sriracha Daisy and a green tea toddy with Japanese whiskey. Sounds like a great plan, not to mention a nice reminder that pop-ups have come full-circle to the place where they started around here.

Hatchi Truck Stop featuring Rokyo and 1886, 6:00-10:00 P.M., May 26th at BreadBar. Reservations at 310-277-3770.

1886 and Rokyo Truck Team Up at BreadBar’s Hatchi Truck Stop