Yup, Todd English Is Involved in Another Lawsuit

But at least this time he’s not the one in trouble. According to the Boston Herald, the beleaguered has-been (generously described by the paper as an “international celebrity chef”) has been named as a witness in a high-profile corruption trial.

The paper reports that English has been called to testify for the defense in the trial of ex- Massachusetts House Speaker Sal DiMasi. DiMasi resigned in 2009 and was later indicted on such juicy charges as conspiracy, extortion, and fraud.

Oh, yes, a slimy politician! Seems like just the kind of guy English should ally himself with during the lowest point of his career. Though in fairness, we’re not sure who’d do more damage to whom. Is smarmball Todd English —rent-dodging, lawsuit-lashed, publicly dumped — really the kind of guy you’d lean on when facing hard time? Really, now: Bostonians can’t even count on him to reopen Olives!

Gov on Witness List in Sal DiMasi Trial [Herald]
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Yup, Todd English Is Involved in Another Lawsuit