White House Honors School-Friendly Chefs As ‘Champions of Change’

Jonathan Waxman among the
Jonathan Waxman among the “Champions.” Photo: Bravo

A quick check-in with the First Lady reveals that the White House is having a particularly chef-fy week. Obama Foodorama reports that a few chefs from the “Chefs Move to Schools” initiative that launched last year were honored at the White House this week. Intended to help make children’s lunches more healthful and curb childhood obesity, the program includes 27 New York City chefs, who have been volunteering at public schools around the city. (Which might help explain this class now being offered by the French Culinary Institute.)

The full list of chefs is here, but notable New York names include Jonathan Waxman, Sue Torres, Zak Pelaccio and Bill Telepan — who is helping out at two schools. And for a look at the sort of thing these cooks do, take a gander at this sweet video from Cathal Armstrong, of DC’s Restaurant Eve, in which he talks about tackling one cafeteria dish at a time.

Chefs Honored As ‘Champions of Change’ [Obama Foodorama]

White House Honors School-Friendly Chefs As ‘Champions of Change’