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OK, Sox Fans, Where Will You Pre-Game?

Opening Day is upon us, and with all this talk of Fenway’s exciting new ballpark eats, we shouldn’t overlook the fact that there are plenty of places to sup just beyond Lansdowne. The Herald rounds up an assortment, sausage-slingers not included. Our picks, straight ahead.

Likely suspects include Citizen Public and Island Creek Oyster Bar, although we’re sure that both places will be so jammed that we’re fully expecting not to enjoy them again until late fall. Jerry Remy’s has a roof-deck, which distinguishes it from the slew of other suds parlors in the area. But most of all we foresee Tasty Burger as our pick for a post-game pit-stop: It’s a big cut above pub grub, and it’s open until 2 a.m.

Basho Japanese Brasserie gets a nice shout-out. However, although we do enjoy their sushi, we’re probably not going to tumble into a sushi bar post-game. Pre-game, it’s a possibility. If we’re feeling virtuous. Or trying to impress someone.

In our opinion, the only truly incongruous destination on this list is Deuxave. Somehow we don’t foresee hordes of hungry, possibly drunken Sox fans descending on a proper French restaurant for delicately presented seasonal cuisine. Yankees fans, maybe.

Where do you plan to stuff yourself near Fenway?

Winning Fare for a Hungry Nation [Herald]


OK, Sox Fans, Where Will You Pre-Game?