Where to Eat Grey Squirrel; Lee’s Sandwiches Heads to Vegas

• According to an Edinburgh restaurateur serving grey squirrel, it’s the “ultimate ethical food,” since the animals are being killed anyway to protect red squirrels. Discuss. [BBC]

• Las Vegas’ Chinatown is the proud new owner of a location of our own Lee’s Sandwiches. [LVW]

• The American Medical Response raised tens of thousands of dollars, including a $20,000 donation from Pizza My Heart, during a San Jose barbecue yesterday for Bryan Stow, the victim of a brutal beating at opening day at Dodger Stadium. [Mercury News]

• When Lily Allen lands in L.A., she’s gotta have In-N-Out. Celebrities, they’re just like us! [OK UK]

• Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo cook Animal’s ribs in the oven, just one way of avoiding harassment from the health department.[Seattle Times]

• It is possible to eat vegetarian Mexican food without the horrors of tofu or soy cheese. But look out for that lard and chicken stock. [LAT]

• Strawberries might prevent esophageal cancer, at least if you drink freeze-dried ones mixed into water. Right … [WSJ]

• Some experts are saying that since food is scarcer and more expensive, it might not be the greatest time to divert more and more crops to green energy sources. [NYT]

Where to Eat Grey Squirrel; Lee’s Sandwiches Heads to Vegas