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What To Expect at Brü Haus, Besides More Umlauts

Bring 'em on!
Bring ‘em on! Photo: Bucklava via Flickr

Continuing L.A.’s popular, unexpected, and ever-growing German craze, Brü Haus is coming to Brentwood in early summer. Stuck between college-ville’s Cabo Cantina and co-ed central’s Q’s, Brü Haus will bring the expected servings of sausages, burgers, and German grub, with curated beers from Belgium, Germany, and the U.S. and a full liquor selection to what a press-release calls “a 20-something crowd” seven days a week over lunch, dinner, and late-night dining.

The five-man-strong management team has had consulting help from Vic Branstetter, a co-founder of Hillstone, who we imagine is the one telling everybody to open up German places with a huge cash register STAT! The restaurant has plans for beer dinners and beer events, which hopefully don’t get too lost on all the young stuff who just want a pint of Fat Tire.

In other news, while we await Brü Haus, it’s totally radical to see an uptick in gratuitous umlaut usage in this town. There’s Brü Haus, Josef Centeno’s Bäco on the way and well, that bar that is not really an umlaut but probably should be over Waylynn Lucas’ Fonuts. Not so much for any Germanic appeal (our Polish side is nodding furiously), but simply because we think Nigel Tufnel and Nikki Sixx would approve.

Brü Haus, 11831 Wilshire Blvd. Brentwood.

What To Expect at Brü Haus, Besides More Umlauts