What To Eat at The Misfit, Now Open in Santa Monica

A collection of vintage cocktail shakers sits upstairs
A collection of vintage cocktail shakers sits upstairs Photo: The Misfit

LGO Hospitality’s The Misfit opened last night in Santa Monica, taking over the Anisette
space but keeping the restaurant’s titular mosaic as a tribute to that former tenant. The space has been made more casual and quirky, decked out in paintings, memorabilia collections (like the vintage cocktail shakers gathered upstairs by the staff), and installations. Walk in and find several pieces from Sara Abbott, the artist wife of owner Bob Lynn, plus a major piece, Candy Cane, that serves as the inspiration behind the restaurant’s logo, and a mural of cavorting nudes created specially to hang over the bar. So, what’s on the menu?

Bruce Kalman is the executive chef here, while the chef de cuisine is Kerry Ann Dolan. The menu prides itself on offering vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free versions of almost everything it serves, an eclectic collection that starts with fiery caramel nut corn with Aleppo chili and almonds, then veers towards a selection of daily rotating soups, vegetable-based salads, and small, shareable entrees that delight in market ingredients. Chef Kalman plans to offer a daily dish based around five veggies that catch his eye while cruising the neighboring market. Organic ingredients and sourcing to favorite local purveyors (Weiser, Coleman, Straus Family Creamery, eggs from Healthy Family, Paso Prime beef, etc.) is the norm. The bar will feature a daily punch, sixteen craft beers on tap, wine, and cocktails, with a weekday happy hour from 3:00-7:00 P.M., with wine and beer for five bucks.

On the menu, you’ll find a vast array of au currant comfort. There are sliders, mussels with chorizo, goat cheese stuffed piquillos, a french dip, mini lobster rolls, fried jidori chicken a la some lady named Edna, a BLT, and both an ahi and a grass-fed burger. Early eye-catchers include a Yankee pot roast using grass-fed Paso prime beef, pan-roasted Alaskan king crab legs, and Brussel’s sprouts served with Manchego, dried blueberries, and almonds.

Take a look at the full menu below, and keep in mind they also serve a bar menu and one well into the late-night.

The Mistfit, 225 Santa Monica Blvd. Santa Monica. 310-656-9800.


housemade spicy carmel nut corn, aleppo chile, almonds, YES! 4.

misfit dip plate, hummus, turkish muhammara, crudité, grilled toast 8.

p.e.i. mussels, spanish chorizo, fresno chiles, toast, aioli 13.

shoestring french fries 6. (moody blue cheese crumbles +1.)

spicy chickpea wraps, kale, cilantro almond “pesto” 9.

mac + cheese, oregon cheddar, green chile, brown rice pasta 10.

bbq ribs, lean pork, barbeque style, great to share 13.

allison paige’s mini lobster rolls, classic and delicious 12.

french dip “sliders,” awesome prime rib, seasoned + sliced to order,
homemade au jus 11.

stuffed piquillo peppers, drake goat cheese, pistachios, balsamic reduction 7.

melon + san daniele prosciutto, parmigiano‐reggiano, citrus, herbs, fresno chiles 8.

bk’s chopped kale salad, sunflower seeds, midnight moon goat cheese 9.

kerry’s raw celery “caesar” 10.

asparagus salad, lemon, parmesan‐reggiano, poached organic egg 10.

lgo café brussels sprout salad, the original, almonds, dried blueberries, manchego 11. (bacon +1.)

the misfit burger, grass fed paso prime beef, edmond fallot dijon, cheddar, toast 12. (green chile n/c)

ahi tuna burger, pan seared medium rare, meyer lemon aioli, avocado 11.

blt burger, grass fed paso prime beef, bacon, gruyere, aioli, lettuce, sweet tomato jam, toast 13.

yankee pot roast, grass fed paso prime beef, poached organic egg, rocket salad 19.

edna lewis’ famous dixie fried jidori chicken, iron skillet method 19. (available after 2 pm)

new jersey strip steak, grass fed paso prime beef, shoestring french fries 25.

pan‐roasted alaskan king crab legs, garlic lemon, spicy cocktail sauce $N/A

roasted mediterranean sea bass, aromatic vegetables, oregano, olives, lemon 27.

all plates are essentially small entrees easily shared.

What To Eat at The Misfit, Now Open in Santa Monica