What to Eat at the Dutch, Likely to Open Next Tuesday at 11 p.m.

Little Oyster Sandwiches.
Little Oyster Sandwiches. Photo: Danny Kim

Andrew Carmellini’s new restaurant the Dutch wants to address the burning question on many a foodie’s mind these days: What the hell is American cuisine? According to the man himself: American cuisine can mean anything from “a simple awesome oyster” to “a kick-ass pierogi dish.” Remember, Carmellini is half-Polish and from Cleveland, where the hearty dumplings are as revered as Pat LaFrieda patties are in New York. Speaking of which, a burger (Carmellini’s first professional one) makes the Dutch’s menu cut, and so does fried chicken. For further insight, scrutinize the menus below, including supper, dessert, and late night, the 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. service that Carmellini plans to open with. As for what constitutes American boozing, see Naren Young’s cocktail menu. And for a more in-depth depiction of what Carmellini considers American food with New York soul, plus a peek at the interior, click here for our story and slideshow.

The Dutch Supper Menu [PDF]
The Dutch Late Menu [PDF]
The Dutch Dessert Menu [PDF]
The Dutch Cocktail Menu [PDF]

The Dutch, 131 Sullivan St., at Prince St.; 212-677-6200

What to Eat at the Dutch, Likely to Open Next Tuesday at 11 p.m.