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What to Drink and Eat at Aviary, Now Open

Photo: courtesy of YouTube

Aviary opened Saturday night at 6 p.m., officially ending a nearly year long conversation about what exactly Grant Achatz was planning to do with the cocktail. From the very beginning, the project was explained as a “cocktail bar, redefined.” Instead of continuing the trend of pre-prohibition cocktail bars that looked to the past for inspiration, Aviary planned to remove the bartender and create drinks in a kitchen using new techniques. Luckily, it’s time to stop speculating about the project and get to the important business of drinking. We were also able to snag a copy of opening night’s drink and food menu. Some of these drinks are familiar to anyone who has been following along with the bar’s progress. That said, most of these look new, and there is something incredibly impressive about seeing them all together. Also, similar to the opening of Next, Achatz released an incredible preview video of Aviary the night before it opened. Check out both the video and the menu after the jump.

Aviary, 955 W. Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607


Cranberry, passion fruit, orange, rums - $17
Popcorn, butter, crème fraiche, rum - $15
Coffee, ristretto, milk, rum - $15
Pineapple, mint, sanbitter, chartreuse - $16
Hot Chocolate, Ecuadorian chocolate, fernet, tequila - $15
Ginger, peychaud’s, shiso, fingerlime, - vodka $17
Daiquiri, sugar cane, lime, rum - $12
Banana, lemon, mint, new make - $16
Tiki, macadamia, cinnamon, batavia - $17
Blueberry, verjus, sweet vermouth, rye - $19
Martinez maraschino, sweet vermouth, gin, - $14
Lemon, carbonated, gin - $16
Sazerac, demerara, peychaud’s, rye - $14
El Diablo, creme de cassis, ginger beer, tequila - $15
In the Rocks, demerara, angostura, bourbon - $18
Sassafras, vanilla, anise, kirsch - $18
Rooibos, verbena, almond, vanilla, gin - $18
Sidecar, cointreau, lemon, brandy - $14
Scots Pine, yuzu, elderflower, tequila - $17
Truffle, campari, sweet vermouth, gin - $28
Martini, aged, vermouth, gin - $18


Cantaloupe, prosciutto, basil, champagne - $3
Lobster, cracker, comte, grape - $5
Chowder, croquette, clam, spicy corn pudding - $3
Crab, tempura, tomato, pickle - $4
Pork Belly, coconut, curry, iceberg - $4
Potato, custard, malt vinegar chips, chive - $3
Wagyu, smoked paprika, pumpkin seed, yogurt - $6
Foie Gras, rhubarb, pumpernickel, lavender - $5
Cheesecake, strawberry, balsamic, graham cracker - $3
Brioche, chocolate, smoked salt, vanilla - $4


What to Drink and Eat at Aviary, Now Open