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Want to Try the New Eats at Fenway? Get in Line!

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In the past couple of days, the Feast has tempted us with news about vendor innovations at Fenway Park. Clam rolls! Fried fish! Signature sandwiches! But, hey, we’re Red Sox fans. We’re afraid to get too excited, lest our hearts get stomped on.

This is especially true today, because the Boston Business Journal laments that a team of investigative reporters have uncovered a shocking fact: Eighty-five percent of tickets have already been sold, many “months or years ago.”

Years ago!
So what hope have we, mere mortals praying for a handout from a benign boss or Craigslist Samaritan? Well, some. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And if you do manage to woo someone with season tickets or throw yourself at the mercy of a scalper or, heck, work for a kindly organization that actually offers you enticing benefits like Red Sox games … the new eats sound exciting.

Gate D will soon welcome a shanty called the Fish Hut, where you’ll enjoy “fish and chips, fried clam rolls, cajun shrimp rolls, and fried fish sandwiches,” followed promptly by a heart attack. Also: They’re toying with either a Turkey Gobbler or a Monster Roast Beef to become the park’s signature sandwich. (’Tis the season for sandwiches.) Couple this with the Red Sox initiative to add mixed drink stations, and it’ll surely be a satisfying trip, no matter who wins.

So, who wants to sell us a ticket? (Of course, if we have absolutely no luck, we can always seek solace on Peterborough Street’s rebuilt Restaurant Row.)

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Want to Try the New Eats at Fenway? Get in Line!