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Venice Beach Wines Readying to Open Asada

Asada Photo: Yo! Venice!

Yo! Venice! lets us know that Venice Beach Wines’ Oscar Hermosillo is getting ready to open that neighboring beer bar we caught wind of back in February. Though Hermosillo told Feast the name would be Cerveteca Venice, the name appears to have shifted to the more straight-forward and lip-smacking Asada. Expect empanadas and burgers, along with the grilled fish, Veracruz-style pizza, and a selection of ceviches. We’re hoping this more rugged sounding beer bar could possibly swing the pendulum back ever so slightly from Yuppieville and bring some of that Whaler/Hinano crowd into the recent renaissance on Rose. At the very least, we’re hoping the beer selection rivals the ever-changing, ever-impressive taps at the Whole Foods a block away.

Asada, 523 Rose Ave. Venice.

Asada Venice [Yo! Venice!]

Venice Beach Wines Readying to Open Asada