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Triscuits Bringing Urban Farms to L.A. and Chicago

Triscuits, the afternoon snack we cover with cheese when we should be eating raw baby carrots, is going all crunchy on us. The Kraft-owned cracker brand is helping to endow urban areas with community gardens, having donated an undisclosed amount of money to bring three such gardens to Chicago and two to Los Angeles this summer through a Detroit-based program called Urban Farming, as reported today by The Wall Street Journal. Kraft, makers of such what-on-earth-is-it-made-from fare like Nutter Butter, Cheez Whiz, Tang, and Kool Whip, joined with Urban Farming last year and has introduced 50 community gardens across the country so far, with plans for ten more related projects in U.S. cities.

The company is jumping into the urban farming thing whole hog in fact, offering a new website that is all about growing your own and even slipping a few packets of dill seeds into your Triscuit boxes. It’s still selling Cocoa Krispies as part of a complete nutritious breakfast, mind you, but they do have one foot leaning in the right direction at least.

After all, any boost to community gardening is to be applauded, even if Kraft’s efforts seem designed to highlight the fact that Triscuits, unlike say, Kraft-brand Kool-Aid, Oreo Fudge Cremes, or Velveeta, is actually made out of real food and whole grains, and something that maybe your doctor won’t berate you for. We’ll know real change has arrived the day Kraft announces its line of Oscar Meyer-aligned humanely-raised hog ranches. Until then, we await the announcement as to where these new gardens will grow.

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Triscuits Bringing Urban Farms to L.A. and Chicago