Time for Waylynn Lucas to Make the ‘Fonuts"; J. Gold Recalls A Meal in Madison

• Former Bazaar pastry chef Waylynn Lucas is working on a concept that revolves around “fonuts” a new take on the donut that she’s not yet revealing. [Feast]

• Want to fight fat while stuffing your face? Start with whole grains, lean meats, dried cherries, avocados, and green tea. [KABC]

• Jonathan Gold recalls the first time he ate cheese curds at a restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin. []

• A subsidiary of The Land O’Lakes Corporation has donated 288,000 eggs to L.A. Regional Food Bank for Easter. [KABC]

• The Chinese are simply nuts for pecans, and that’s been pushing up prices for U.S. growers. [WSJ]

• Fat profits: Beverages are the most lucrative menu item for fast-food outlets, but beware the calories in upcoming summer drinks like the Dunkin’ Donuts Mountain Dew Coolatta. [USAT]

• There’s a burgeoning industry for recycling lobster shells, including one company making biodegradable golf balls out of them. [USAT]

• Dear American middle class: Stop complaining about rising food costs. At least we don’t spend 60 to 80 percent of our income on food, like people in the developing world do. [Chron]

Time for Waylynn Lucas to Make the ‘Fonuts"; J. Gold Recalls A Meal in