They Call It Driver Dawgs, Now Open in Manhattan Beach

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

You may have seen former Guess model Jennifer Driver on Jag, in the pages of Playboy (we know, you were there for the articles), or in the real-life role of Axl Rose’s girlfriend in the documentary Welcome to the Videos. As of April 21st, you can now find her running her own burger and hot dog stand, Driver Dawgs, on Sepulveda in Manhattan Beach. What’s inside?

Driver Dawgs

Housed in the wooden digs of the old American Farmhouse building under a faux-thatched roof, the space looks as though it might have once been a small town general store, while the inside looks like it could be the original location of Wahoo’s, long before the sticker artists had their way. Driver Dawgs’ small interior is papered in surf shots below a few hanging boards in a set-up crowded with two-top tables and a counter. The menu sticks to a short, simple selection of hot dogs, burgers, and standard salads, making it a convenient beach-adjacent lunch spot. It doesn’t appear that this model-run dogs and burger joint is the South Bay’s version of Lucky Devil’s just yet, but a more low-key, kicked-back affair with sandy flip-flopped locals in mind.

Driver Dawgs, now open at 350 N. Sepulveda Blvd. Manhattan Beach. 310-798-3333.

They Call It Driver Dawgs, Now Open in Manhattan Beach