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Attempted-Murder Charges Filed Against Lucali Owner (Updated)

Iacono. Photo: Pnoeric/Flickr

On Friday, it was reported that Lucali owner Mark Iacono had been rushed to the hospital after being stabbed multiple times on Smith Street by a then-unknown assailant. Turns out that assailant was Benny Geritano, a known mob figure who the Daily News speculates may have been trying to collect on a loan for his half-brother, Anthony Mascuzzio. Geritano is being charged with first-degree assault and second-degree attempted murder. But wait! Iacono’s being charged with felony assault attempted murder, too.

At his arraignment yesterday, Geritano said he was stabbed first and was really just acting in self-defense. The two started arguing at Joe’s Superette (which, by the way, has seriously awesome fried-prosciutto balls), the argument spilled out onto the street, and the two started stabbing each other. Gruesome!

Nobody’s quite sure why the two men were arguing, and neither is talking to the cops. Duh. We’ve all seen enough movies to know that you don’t snitch. But according to the Times, both men have “lawyered up.” In the meantime, Iacono tells the Daily News that he’ll be back making pizza “soon.”

Update: As commenter Jronli points out, the Daily News and Post are now both reporting that the charges against Iacono have been upgraded to attempted murder. Iacono reportedly said he was initially arrested “because of all the publicity,” according to the Post. He added: “They think this is some kind of mob story. I was just trying to defend myself.” Which, incidentally, is almost exactly what Geritano said in court on Sunday.

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Attempted-Murder Charges Filed Against Lucali Owner (Updated)