The James Weird Awards

The James Weird Awards: Nazi Cakes, Stoner Prom, and Pizza Topped With Jesus

Sure, you may have read about the squirrel-eating Scots, or the elf war brewing in Pennsylvania. Maybe you even read about the dietary habits of a certain posse of insane clowns. But there’s still so much more weird news from the world of food, and the weekly James Weird Awards has it all.

• A T.G.I. Friday’s in Idaho is smarting from the theft of its giant hamburger trophy. The restaurant had just won Idaho Falls Magazine’s Best Hamburger Award when, two days later, the prize went missing. The restaurant “just wants the trophy back” and will offer free, award-winning burgers for its return. [MSNBC]

• An Austrian baker is in hot water for selling Nazi cakes. The pastry chef has been selling customers baked goods decorated with “swastikas or a baby raising its right hand in a Nazi salute.” “If someone orders it, I make it,” the baker said in his defense. “If someone wanted a Kadhafi cake, I’d bake it for them.” [AFP]

• J. Wilson, American hero, has given up food and been living on only beer and water since Lent began. A beer enthusiast, Wilson said his wife “has been completely supportive” of his new diet. [Belief Blog/CNN]

• Junior prom was ruined for one Massachusetts school when pot brownies caused four students to become ill. The chief of police is investigating the students carefully, telling the press, “I’m leaning toward the assumption that they knew what they were doing.” [AOL News]

• Have you found Jesus yet? Then look in your pizza box: A pizzeria in Australia has found Jesus Christ’s face in a three-cheese pizza. Dubbed “Cheesus,” the holy pizza was sold on eBay for upwards of a hundred dollars. []

• A Florida man stole and then crashed a Krispy Kreme truck containing 338 boxes of doughnuts. He told police that he took the truck “because he needed somewhere to sleep,” but given that ten grams of marijuana were also found at the scene, he probably just needed something to snack on. [Ocala Star-Banner]

The James Weird Awards: Nazi Cakes, Stoner Prom, and Pizza Topped With Jesus