Del Frisco’s Stakes Claim to Couple With Thank-you Note

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So we’ve, uh, commented on Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House in the past for their aggressive hiring practices. But we’re relieved to know that, at heart, they’re equal-opportunity wooers. When it comes to favorite customers, they’re incredibly persuasive!

Last night, the swank steak-house chain hosted a glitzy opening party in Boston. This is usually the kind of affair that attracts writers, party-hoppers, and strategic stragglers who shove free food down their gullet at any opportunity — and people like us, who spend the evening scuttling after turgid pieces of shrimp cocktail.

But the Boston Herald managed to track down a homespun couple who absolutely adore the place and trek across the country dining at various branches, apparently because the restaurant chain once sent them a thank-you note after they ate at the New York City location a couple of years ago. Really? Restaurants actually do that? Who said fine dining was dead?

And anyway, we’ve heard of crazy people crisscrossing the country to taste-test Quarter Pounders and get married at sentimental Burger Kings, but this place is special-occasion expensive! Oh, but apparently chivalry conquers all. “We’re just regular people. But they make you feel like a king,” the Herald quotes love-struck David Grant as swooning. “You feel like royalty.”

He and his girlfriend also sup at the Philadelphia Del Frisco’s several times a year, and this weekend it’s off to Las Vegas to dine at Del Frisco’s for Easter.

As for last night, they drove from Rhode Island and rented a hotel room for the shindig, after receiving a personal invitation from a manager. Which raises the question: What the hell kind of tip did they leave in Manhattan?

It Was Love At First Bite

Del Frisco’s Stakes Claim to Couple With Thank-you Note