Taco Bell’s Feelings Are Still a Little Hurt

New York Diet alum Pat Kiernan, of Pat’s Papers, spied a full-page ad from Taco Bell in today’s USA Today, with the engaging, plaintive headline, “Would it Kill You to Say You’re Sorry?”.

Apparently, Taco Bell’s feelings are hurt because of that lawsuit claiming their beef didn’t contain enough “real” meat. As we mentioned yesterday, the case, filed in January, was voluntarily withdrawn, and Taco Bell — which also ran that “Thank You for Suing Us” ad — wants a goddamn apology. Says the copy: “As for the lawyers who brought this suit: You got it wrong, and you’re probably feeling pretty bad right about now. But you know what always helps? Saying to everyone, ‘I’m sorry.’ C’mon, You can do it!”

Taking out a full-page ad is the new outraged phone call or litigious letter! Noted.

Taco Bell: Would It Kill You to Say Sorry[Pat’s Papers]
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Taco Bell’s Feelings Are Still a Little Hurt