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David Chang’s Lucky Peach Journal: Essays, ‘Meticulous’ Design, and Rants!

McSweeney’s, the Dave Eggers publishing concern that has newly branched out into the food sphere, is publishing a new quarterly food journal spearheaded by David Chang called Lucky Peach. (“Momofuku” means “lucky peach” in Japanese.) The opening theme is “ramen,” and they’re describing the mag as “a mélange of travelogue, essays, art, photography, and rants in a full-color, meticulously designed format,” with recipes that “defy the tired ingredients-and-numbered-steps formula.” And it’s described as Bourdain-inspired!

In fact, Tony himself will write an homage to his buddy Chang’s career and take part in a “booze-fueled rant on mediocrity in American cuisine,” along with Chang and Wylie Dufresne, while touring the Spanish Basque country. To counter all that, there’ll be a piece about molecular gastronomy by Harold McGee; Ruth Reichl will be forced to do a taste test of packaged ramen (the irony!); John T. Edge writing about ya ka mein in New Orleans; and recipes from Chang, Dufresne, Mario Carbone and Rich Torrisi, and others. No word on when the first issue comes out, but subscriptions are available now for $28. Update: Also, there will be an iPad app. [BA]

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