‘Sexy Brown’ Falafel Headed to Cobble Hill

Pardon Me for Asking brings news that Court street in Cobble Hill is soon to get its own falafel bar. Now you can get coffee at Café Pedlar, falafel at Darna, and ice cream at Blue Marble, all on one block!

It remains to be seen whether the falafel is any good, of course — Zaytoons and Atlantic Avenue’s Middle Eastern restaurants loom large — but we’re pretty sure none of those old-school establishments announced their arrival with an ode to the falafel, as does a sign on the door of Darna: “Oh my love, where have you been for the people of Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens? … The perfect combination you are; soft on the inside yet firm sexy brown on the outside … We love you dearly… Falafel.”


Amidst All The New Hamburger Joints Opening On Court Street, A Falafel Bar Claims Its Place [Pardon Me for Asking]

‘Sexy Brown’ Falafel Headed to Cobble Hill