Scholars Will School You in the Art of Craft Cocktails

The Downtown Crossing pool hall-slash-craft cocktail lair opens tomorrow, enthuses Thrillist. They also helpfully point out that the place used to be a Talbots. More about the pleatery turned pub, straight ahead.

The main attraction here are the “school-themed” cocktails, and here’s hoping the drinks live up to their fun names. You’ll find tipples like The Rulebreaker (Black Bottle Scotch, Budweiser), The Dropout (Tito’s Texas Vodka, seasoned salt, lime zest, Racer 5 IPA), and the really delicious-sounding Lost in Space (Beefeater gin, crème de frambois, fresh lemon sour, egg white, fresh raspberry, and soda.)

There’s food, too, of course: fried pickles, pork belly, you know the drill. But we’re thinking the reason to visit Scholars is to become positively inebriated after a long day of toil. Scholars’ owners also operate Emmet’s Pub and 6B lounge, where we’ve tossed back a libation or 12 after a harrowing day.

If you need further convincing, consider that no less a cocktail fan than Mayor Menino welcomed the pub to the neighborhood this week, heralding the area’s “exciting transformation.” Appreciates booze; hates sugary drinks!

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Scholars Will School You in the Art of Craft Cocktails