Neighborhood Watch

Qi Bankgkok Eatery Launches Pichet Ong’s Menu; Omar’s Kitchen Now Open in Midtown

Bayside: Valentino’s on the Green will begin constructing the Shared Table Farm this summer. The farm will be on the grounds of the restaurant and produce fresh fruits and vegetables that will be served in their dishes. [Grub Street]

East Village: Pangea is temporarily closed due to a landlord-tenant dispute. [EV Grieve]

There has been a fire at the Japanese restaurant, Otafuku. It apparently started due to a burner being left on overnight. [DNAinfo]

Lower East Side: Antibes Bistro will host a live jazz event this Wednesday featuring Alex Terrier. The night kicks off at 7:30 p.m. with a selection of French Mediterranean dishes that will be available. [Grub Street]

Midtown East: Omar’s Kitchen opened this week serving a mix of Mediterranean food with a bakery in the back. [Midtown Lunch]

Nolita: On May 13, the Little Cupcake Bakeshop and Lauren Bush’s FEED projects are organizing an in-store fund-raising day with one FEED cupcake ($3.25) funding one meal for a child. [Grub Street]

Plans are shaping up for The Pan American’s reopening this Thursday at 4 p.m. Get in before 7 p.m. to get the most out of their open bar and try some of their delicious dishes. Here’s their menu. [Grub Street]

Park Slope: Join Chef-owner Jacques Gautier on May 4 for a wine dinner (local wines by Channing Daughters) at Palo Santo restaurant. The night starts at 7:30 p.m. and seats are available for $75 per person. [Find Your Craving]

Qi Bangkok Eatery has launched Chef Pichet Ong’s menu. Pop into the Thai restaurant to experience dishes like Short Rib Green Curry and Chicken Lohn Relish. [Grub Street]

Upper East Side: Desmond’s will host a Royal Wedding celebration tonight featuring a custom-made Beefeater Gin Royal Punch created by Dan Warner. The punch is made up of gin, dubonnet, pomegranate and lemonade. [Grub Street]

Qi Bankgkok Eatery Launches Pichet Ong’s Menu; Omar’s Kitchen Now