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Puck Gets Picked To Do The Cooking at Hotel Bel Air

Tomorrow morning, Angeleno Anglophiles will bolt out of bed early to watch the royal union of Kate Whatshername and Prince Whatever. We planned to do the same this Tuesday morning when big news was due to hit the wire as to which celebrity chef was going to man The Hotel Bel-Air upon its reopening this fall. The Wolfgang Puck Group apparently leaked the scoop a few days early, as Eater confirms what was once just a rumor from le family Gayot. Yes, it’s true: Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group will be taking over all food and beverage operations at the revitalized hotel, which will include a restaurant called Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel Air.

No one can confirm just yet whether or not the tortilla soup is staying, but really, the move is pretty brilliant, if a little safe. Puck’s placement ensures the Spago crowd and even older fogies will have someone they can depend on, while possibly paving the way for a younger generation of moneybags who know the chef is still keeping it innovative at spots like Cut and WP24.

What do you think? Is Puck the perfect chef to be involved in the Bel Air’s rebirth? We’d love to know your thoughts in our comments.

Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel Air Set To Serve California Eats [Eater]

Puck Gets Picked To Do The Cooking at Hotel Bel Air