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Paul Reiser Sounds More Excited For His Nate N’ Al Sandwich Than His New TV Show

Paul Reiser with The Paul Ryeser
Paul Reiser with The Paul Ryeser Photo: Warner Bros.

Everyone who has ever turned on a TV set appears to have a Hollywood star these days, as evidenced by a quick stroll over Walk of Fame markers for such talents as Ryan Seacrest and Shrek. It’s a much bigger honor, particularly if you’re a New York City-born comedian, to get a sandwich named after you at Nate ‘N Al, Beverly Hills’$2 65-year-old Jewish delicatessen that counts Larry King as a regular. Yesterday Paul Reiser, who we first met in the film Diner, was given such an honor with his own sandwich, The Paul Ryeser, a combination of turkey, cole slaw, Russian dressing, and salami on rye.

The introduction of this sandwich is meant to promote the funnyman’s latest foray into television on The Paul Resier Show, a Curb Your Own Enthusiasm-style docu-comedy that debuts this Thursday. The sandwich will be available at both Nate N’ Al locations, but only during the show’s first season, which might be kind of short if a brutal review in USA Today has anything to say about it.

Still, Reiser doesn’t seem to be too concerned about the show’s longevity now that he has The Paul Ryeser, telling Examiner that he’s much more excited about the sandwich than the program, saying, “Show business comes and goes, but the sandwich will always stay with us. Especially this one. It’s big.”

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Paul Reiser Sounds More Excited For His Nate N’ Al Sandwich Than His New TV Show