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Patty U. Likes the New Airport Food at Terminal 2; Tablehopper Tucks Into Citizen’s Band

Photo: Bunrab

Patty Unterman (we found out she prefers Patty to Patti), must have had reason to fly somewhere recently and she begins her review of the new food court at SFO’s Terminal 2 by lamenting how boring and humiliating flight travel has become. “How fondly I remember breezing to the departure gate 15 minutes before takeoff with a carry-on heavy with wine, hair products, a picnic and a pocket knife.” She’s pleasantly surprised, though, at the wine and picnic-making offerings to be had at SFO now, starting with the sandwiches you can grab from Cowgirl Creamery and the Napa Farms market, like “The Bambini, a brilliantly integrated combo of… buttery Mount Tam cheese and thin slices of ham on a soft Acme challah bun… [a] perfect airplane sandwich.” She also enjoys the “juicy” chicken at Tyler Florence’s Rotisserie [sans Wine], and likes the ability to hop next door to Vino Volo for a $14 flight of California Pinots. [Examiner]

Marcia Gagliardi weighs in on Citizen’s Band, making special note of the baked mac-and-cheese topped with “a leaning tower of some of the best damned onion rings you’ll ever have.” Of the burger, she says, “It rocks,” and she also gives props to the salads, the fried chicken with a “flaky, flavorful exterior,” and the pork shoulder “Shake and Bake.” We also learn a couple of things, namely that the onion ring batter has PBR in it, and you can get your groove on for free in Icon next door, on your way back from the bathroom, if you’re there on a night when the club’s open. [Tablehopper]

Patty U. Likes the New Airport Food at Terminal 2; Tablehopper Tucks Into