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Patricia Yeo: Don’t Call Me A Celebrity, I’ve Been Here for Years

Patricia Yeo
Patricia Yeo Photo: Mackenzie Stroh/New York Magazine

Has Patricia Yeo finally settled down? The talented chef has had a rough time of it as late (the downfall of Ginger Park being just the latest upheaval), but judging from a recent Dig article, maybe Yeo has found her home (Om?) at last. More ahead.

Yeo’s toiling behind the stove in relative anonymity at Cambridge’s slinky OM, which is kind of like Meryl Streep headlining a velvet-laced off-Broadway playhouse. OM is a fine restaurant, but we always suspected that richly pedigreed Yeo would land someplace splashier, bigger, more of the moment. Here, notes the Dig, “gilded lions and many Buddhas” festoon a “swank lounge” sound-tracked with “Lady Gaga disco remixes.”

Incongruous, maybe. But she’s happy. And she’s churning out excellent Asian fusion (just don’t call it that; she hates the term) street food: On OM’s overhauled menu, you’ll find her signature duck meatballs, spiked with green curry; trout, roasted in banana leaf with three-pepper jam and roasted mushrooms, is “perfectly tender and charred.”

Her talents will be on further display this fall at Central Square’s Moska, also owned by the OM team. According to the Dig, she “swats away” the “celebrity chef” title. She doesn’t want to play. Somehow, it makes us like her even more.

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Patricia Yeo: Don’t Call Me A Celebrity, I’ve Been Here for Years