Olives Pitted Against Skeptical Boston Licensing Board

Photo: Regan Communications

We’ve been keeping an eye on the ongoing Todd English/Olives saga, and it seems that things are finally coming to a head for the stalled Charlestown restaurant. More ahead.

Today the Globe reports that tomorrow, the Boston Licensing Board will decide tomorrow whether Todd English will get more time to fix his fire-damaged Olives restaurant. If not, he’ll be stripped of his liquor license.

But booze seems like the least of his worries: The fire-felled restaurant has been closed since last May, and progress appeared to be at a stand-still. Now, English is informing the board that he needs to “install a new ventilation system and the old building needs some updating,” an endeavor he hopes to begin within the next week with the intent of reopening in May or June … or perhaps July! (To which one board remember replied, “I’ll be fascinated if you’re open in July.”)

We will be, too, since English seems to be everywhere but here lately. (Anyone see him cooking root beer pork osso bucco on the Today show a couple days ago?)

Last Call at Olives? [Globe]

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Olives Pitted Against Skeptical Boston Licensing Board