Of Course Chili’s Is Serving Booze to Kids, Too

Watch out for the Mudslide.
Watch out for the Mudslide. Photo: courtesy of Facebook

It’s official, everyone: Serving children alcoholic drinks at major chains is now a national trend. That’s because a 4-year-old recently ordered a milkshake from a Chili’s on the South Side of Chicago, and instead received a Mudslide, which just happens to contain three different kinds of alcohol (vodka, Kahlua, and Bailey’s Irish Cream). This is a week after waiters at both Applebee’s and Olive Garden were also caught serving to toddlers. What is going on, people?!

Apparently the waitress in question had only been working at the restaurant for the past week, and didn’t realize that milkshakes and Mudslides were served in “very different glassware.” But the thing is, we totally called this exact scenario last week. We promise to never again think of how children could be served alcoholic beverages at bad chain restaurants. Lesson learned.

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Of Course Chili’s Is Serving Booze to Kids, Too