Les Deux and Bar 210 Close Up Shop

We call dibs on Les Deux's green chairs!
We call dibs on Les Deux’s green chairs! Photo: Les Deux

After a week’s quick pause in the shuttering action around here, signs of a struggling economy are again hitting us square in the plates. Last week saw the confirmed shutter of Bistro LQ and the coming end of Sante La Brea, as reported by Eater. Now L.A. Weekly adds two more biggies to the list. They won’t necessarily ruin our weekend, but it’s sort of sad to see them go nonetheless.

Les Deux’s recent attempt at morphing from flashy nightclub to serious gastro-pub have failed, resulting in closed doors for the reinvented hot spot. Eater reports that the club will trytry again this summer, with another new restaurant concept, this one under former Buffalo Club manager Patrick Doherty and Marmalade Cafe founder Bobby Burns. The interior back room and outdoor patio will be rehauled prior to reopening, while we strongly suggest a new name to cut all ties with the past.

Elsewhere, Bar 210 apparently hasn’t revived much interest in the restaurant-going public following Marcel Vigneron’s disappearance into his quantum kitchen, with the Trader Vic’s replacement also calling it quits last week after it “served its course.” We’d like to think this could mean a return to a newer, cooler hub for Tiki culture and rum drinks, but it’s probably more likely to strive for a new flavor-of-the-year to come in make it sparkle again for the young folks. If any Top Chef castaways are looking for a job, these are probably the doors to come knocking on.

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Les Deux and Bar 210 Close Up Shop