The Other Critics

Le Virtu’s Antipasto Is ‘Stellar’; Meritage’s Korean Fried Chicken Happily Satisfies

• Craig LaBan marvels at Le Virtu’s “stellar” antipasto board, and the “delicate chew of frilly-ribboned tripe “in umido,” which he says “is as good as stomach gets.” [Inquirer]

• At Animo Juice Bar neither the “pasty hummus” nor “bland, watery dilution of tomato soup” makes Adam Erace feel good, but the Animo Glow “delivered an energy boost in a yogurt-acai berry-apple-banana-and-flaxseed package.” [Courier-Post]

• Though the accompanying sauce’s falvors were “fantastic,” Two Eat Philly found Meritage’s pork belly Korean taco “lacking,” but the Korean Fried Chicken left them “happily satisfied.” [Two Eat Philly]

Le Virtu’s Antipasto Is ‘Stellar’; Meritage’s Korean