LAUSD: “It’s Real Chicken”; Dodgers Cancel Half-Off Beer Promo

• Defending itself against Jamie Oliver, LAUSD opened its Central Kitchen in East L.A. to reporters yesterday, revealing real chicken wings being wrapped by humans and robots. [LAT]

• In response to the violence on opening day, The Dodgers are canceling their planned half-price beer promotions. [NESN]

• Adolph “Eddie” Brandstatter used to be the nightlife king of Los Angeles, and may have been responsible for introducing Marlene Dietrich to her favorite chicken burger. [LAT]

• Hershey’s Kiss … of death? One doctor is putting forward the theory that sugar consumption might cause many of the chronic ailments that afflict us. [NYTM]

• In China, a woman discovered some pork she’d bought had an eerie blue glow. She then awoke to find herself on a planet ruled by a race of hyper-intelligent porcine beings. [Slashfood]

• Japanese Burger King just introduced an 1,160-calorie burger, meaning Japan might finally be on track to catch up to America in the fatness department. [Slashfood]

• An apple a day probably is a good idea: it might lower bad cholesterol, reduce inflammation, and aid with weight loss. Sold! [LAT]

• A YMCA study showed that most kids don’t get enough exercise or fruits and vegetables. Which is unfortunate for everyone, because now junk food is being linked to bad behavior. [USAT, Sydney Morning Herald]

LAUSD: “It’s Real Chicken”; Dodgers Cancel Half-Off Beer Promo