LAUSD Appeases Critics Through Flavored Milk Ban; Joseph Mahon Finds a Fullerton Home

• LAUSD is hoping to remove flavored milk from school cafeterias. Although the idea has been under consideration for some time, it allows the school board to throw a bone to Jamie Oliver and not look like villains. [LAT]

• Former Bastide chef Joseph Mahon plans to open his own burger joint in Fullerton’s former Rialto Cafe. [LAW]

• Behold a very earnest video about environmental eating — but you’ll watch it because it’s voiced by Jason Schwartzman. [Plate to Planet]

• Chili’s has been a strong source of fund-raising for Brian Stowe, who was violently attacked at Dodger Stadium on opening day and remains hospitalized. [The Californian]

• Don’t have the savings to splurge on one of those fancy food festivals? Five to fifteen dollars will buy you access to June 25th’s Frugal Food Festival, with appearances from the 99-Cent Chef and tastings from Albertson’s. [

• Construction crews are rebuilding Baldwin Hills’ P&G Super Burger, following its destruction in a fire last fall. [SGV Tribune]

• Not only are you seeing higher prices at the grocery store, but chain restaurants like Chipotle and McDonald’s are considering an increase in menu prices to make up for the soaring costs. [Reuters]

• The U.S. is being asked to step up the quality of the food we supply in international aid. [AFP]

• A bunch of people in Scotland got sick after taste-testing hospital food, which makes a pretty good case for improving the quality of it in general, as many are urging. [BBC, News.Au]

• After weird things like industrial wax were found in Chinese food, catering companies are being asked to publicize the additives they use. [Xinhuanet]

LAUSD Appeases Critics Through Flavored Milk Ban; Joseph Mahon Finds a Fullerton