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Larry King Meets Gene Simmons at CPK; Paris Hilton Grubs With The Pirates of the Caribbean

What on earth could aging demon rocker Gene Simmons and suspected mummy Larry King possibly have to talk about when they met at California Pizza Kitchen this week? Or maybe we don’t want to know what these two legendary horn-dogs have in common besides a shared passion for sesame ginger chicken dumplings. Over in Anaheim, Paris Hilton had her own celebrity encounter, eating at Blue Bayou, that groovy buccaneer-themed restaurant stuffed inside of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. We’re not sure if the food is still as good as we thought it was when we were eight, but we get the feeling scurvy is suddenly the least of these pirates’ worries after Paris hoisted a mug and sang “Blow the Man Down.” While we teach our friend “Long” John Silver how to contact his long lost booty on Twitter, check out where else celebrities have been grubbing, grogging, and yo ho ho-ing around town this week.

Blue Bayou: Paris Hilton had a meal at one of Disneyland’s best themed restaurants. [Zimbio]

Boa: Christina Aguilera was the second one out of the limo as she prepared to dine and oh, who knows…maybe drink a little. [People]

California Pizza Kitchen: Larry King and Gene Simmons shared a moment after bumping into one another over dinner. [Daily Mail UK]

Chi Dynasty
: Miley Cyrus and a few pals came for dinner in Studio City, enjoying lettuce cups and walnut shrimp. [People]

Cleo: Paris Hilton and her aunt, Kyle Richards, went to dinner. Paris took shots of Jack and Tweeted the whole time, robbing these two reality TV stars of the opportunity ot have that foreign policy debate they had hoped to engage in. [People]

Gladstone’s: David Hasselhoff ate in a Hawaiian shirt, and didn’t once take a burger to the floor. [Grub Street]

Gladstone’s: Carlos Mencia was there this week as well, eating the catch of the day. [Grub Street]

L.A. Mission: Haylie and Hilary Duff helped prepare food to be donated on Easter. [Celebrity Gossip]

Moonshadows: LeAnn Rimes and her dude went out for a bite with friends to celebrate getting engaged. Little do they know, eh? [Daily Mail UK]

Osteria Mozza
: Don’t listen to these British goofballs, Rihanna, you still looked insanely hot when you left Mozza this week. [Daily Mail]

Pane e Vino: Halle Berry kept it casual over a lunch in flip-flops. [Gossip Center]

Philippe Chow: Rihanna chased lunch with a full body-scan at LAX. [Just Jared]

Tavern: Jake Gyllenhaal and his mother went out for dinner last Friday, missing Obama by one day. [Socialite Life]

Vons: A pregnant Pink looked a little more like a pink elephant, rolling her groceries to the car. Stars, they’re just like us! [People]

Larry King Meets Gene Simmons at CPK; Paris Hilton Grubs With The Pirates of the