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John Stamos Charms Lavo’s Brunch-goers; Bruce Willis Charms B. Smith’s Burger Cook

Photo: DAVID CROTTY/Patrick McMullan

Celebrity-in-Chief Barack Obama may have halted Manhattan traffic by hosting a fund-raiser at Red Rooster, but a few unelected celebs still managed to get to their destinations. Bruce Willis snuck in some after-hours burger action at B. Smith’s in Hell’s Kitchen, while John Stamos attended Lavo’s always-festive weekend brunch. Lots more celebrity sightings straight ahead.

B. Smith’s: Bruce Willis arrived after the restaurant had closed, but an “excited cook” made him a burger nonetheless. [Page Six/NYP]
The Breslin Bar and Dining Room: Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp got intimate during their lunch date. [Page Six/NYP]
Lavo: Sir Charles Barkley ate dinner while a magician performed tricks for his personal amusement. [Gatecrasher/NYDN]
John Stamos worked his own magic when he charmed a “stunning brunette” during a Saturday brunch. [Gatecrasher/NYDN]
Red Rooster: President Barack Obama hosted a Democratic fund-raiser in Harlem, where he reportedly went wild for the cornbread and tacos. [People]
SL: Amar’e Stoudemire and Ciara kept the romantic rumors alive by cuddling at the club. [Page Six/NYP]
STK: But that was after Stoudemire took Ciara out to dinner, like a gentleman. [Bleacher Report]

John Stamos Charms Lavo’s Brunch-goers; Bruce Willis Charms B.