Is Stephanie Izard One of Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs?

Stephanie Izard picks up another award.
Stephanie Izard picks up another award. Photo: Huge Galdones/Galdones Photography

Keeping up with Stephanie Izard’s schedule can be kind of exhausting. So, we didn’t think that much of the fact that she was flying to New York for a few days, even if she claimed on Twitter that she’d have “some fun news that I’ll share in a couple days!” We mean, she already announced a new restaurant, what else could she possibly have to say? But those sleuths over at Time Out Chicago noticed that Food & Wine editor Dana Cowin was also tweeting about an upcoming announcement, and — putting two and two together — made the prediction that the chef behind Girl & The Goat would probably make the magazine’s list of 2011 Best New Chefs. While nothing is 100% official, Izard basically confirmed she was in New York for that very reason.

Admitting that the “the secret is out,” she wrote that she was “off to early morning photo shoot for [Food & Wine] best new chef!” We shouldn’t be too surprised. The Girl & The Goat has already been called the best new restaurant of the year by Saveur, and is also up for a James Beard Award. Still, this is great news for fans of the Goat. Congrats!

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Is Stephanie Izard One of Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs?