Hot Bird Food Truck Will Be Replaced by Sausage-Slinging Shipping Container

Citing the fact that Alan Harding’s food-truck menu was “a little too all over the place for us,” Hot Bird owner Frank Moe declares he’ll be taking over the food service himself this summer, with a small shipping container tricked out with an electric griddle. Though he “hasn’t contacted anybody yet,” he has his eye on hot dogs and sausages sourced from local vendors like the Meat Hook, Brooklyn Cured, and Marlow & Sons. Good-bye, Vietnamese summer roll with lobster and kimchee. Hello, sausage on baguette with mustard.

Moe is determined to “keep it very simple, and no prep” and has already given food service at Hot Bird a whirl: “We tried it a couple of months ago, where we only had sausages — really good stuff, people loved it.”

The DIY charcoal grill in the corner will be a thing of the past, since it proved too high a fire risk, but there will be options beyond links: Moe’s been talking to neighboring chefs about guest-cheffing once a week, since his menu will be so limited. “They can just bring in the food and cook it for the day … much more evolved, interesting food.” He wouldn’t drop the names of any chefs, but revealed that he is also considering very occasional, preapproved civilian use of the griddle “for large parties.”

When we asked about chicken — the joint is called Hot Bird, after all — we got a sigh: “Bringing the chicken from outside and putting it on the rotisserie, with the space, I don’t know.” But Moe hasn’t ruled out eggs and is considering possible brunch service down the line. Sausages will run for $6 to $7 a pop, and food service is expected to start between six weeks and two months from now.

Hot Bird Food Truck Will Be Replaced by Sausage-Slinging Shipping Container