30-Year-Old Eagle Tavern May Shutter as Property Owner Refuses a Sale to Bar Employees

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Just weeks after celebrating their 30th anniversary, SoMa gay bar the Eagle Tavern announces that their lease has been revoked as of the end of the month and Friday April 29 could be their last day in business. Earlier rumors swirled that the famed leather venue with its popular Sunday beer bust was endangered when the property was put up for sale in early 2010, and as SFist now reports, the landlord reneged on a potential sale to several Eagle employees after they were already in escrow to buy the bar. The landlord now wants to evict the bar effective April 30, and employees and fans are launching a community effort to keep the place alive, starting with a meeting this evening at 7 p.m. to rally support for “one of the last alt, leather, punk, working class gay bars in the city.”

Glendon Hyde (a.k.a. Anna Conda) is helping to spearhead the effort to save the bar, and writes, “Let’s be clear: the Eagle Tavern is not closing because of financial difficulties… The property owner refuses to sign a long-term lease of the space to the Eagle, saying he doesn’t want it there any more.” A bar manager tells SFist, however, that the property owner is not acting in a prejudicial manner toward the gay-owned business, “He just wants to the bar space for himself.” The city is not likely to have any means of intervening on behalf of fans of the bar, so barring some unforeseen future negotiations with the landlord, whose mind sounds made up, a closure at the end of the month seems all but certain.

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30-Year-Old Eagle Tavern May Shutter as Property Owner Refuses a Sale to Bar