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Here Come the Radioactive Lobsters

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People are really kind of freaking out about seafood imports from Japan, given that they might be radioactive and all. But scientists are saying everyone can just relax because it’s totally cool. How do they know? Because fish and lobsters near the U.K.’s biggest nuclear polluter appear to be fine, and they’re a lot more radiated than anything from Japan.

That’s right. According to Bloomberg, the Sellafield nuclear-waste plant in northwest England “has discharged about 44 times more cesium-137, one of the most harmful radioactive materials to humans, into the Irish Sea since 1952 than what has leaked from the Japanese plant this month,” and yet the “average radiation doses by seafood-consumers near Sellafield over 15 years have been half the recommended limit, studies show.”

See? No need to worry! You don’t have to cancel that reservation at Masa after all.

Irradiated Lobsters in Irish Sea Point to Safe Japan Sushi, Scientists Say [Bloomberg]

Here Come the Radioactive Lobsters