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Graham Elliot Update: Lollapalooza Confirmed and MasterChef Preview

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Is it just as, or has there been a disturbing lack of Graham Elliot news lately? Part of that has to do with the amount of time he’s recently spent in L.A. shooting the next season of MasterChef. Luckily he’s now back, and along with some new menu changes, we have a couple of news items to tell you about. First off, though we already kind of knew this, the Tribune confirms that Elliot will officially return as “culinary director” of the food venues at Lollapalooza. You can expect that he’ll once again bring in an impressive collection of local Chicago restaurants, and that he’ll serve his famous lobster hot dog. Check out last year’s slideshow to see what may be in store. Also, the first preview of the second season of MasterChef was just released.

Like last season, it features inspiring tales of contestants declaring that they have what it takes to become a MasterChef. This preview, on the other hand, also features a beautiful woman disrobing for a body sushi segment (totally SFW, though). Gordon Ramsay makes a Hugh Hefner joke. Anyway, the next season will premier on June 6, but check out the full preview below.

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Graham Elliot Update: Lollapalooza Confirmed and MasterChef Preview