Government Orders Calorie Counts; Fish Fraud Rampant

• Despite all the evidence that posting calorie counts barely has any effect, the Obama administration has mandated them for all eateries with twenty or more locations. [WSJ]

• Today’s new thing to worry about: Fish fraud! Better have that white tuna appraised before you eat it, to make sure it’s the real thing. [Orlando Sentinel]

• “Kale is not only the new spinach. It’s the new arugula, mesclun and romaine.” Trend alert! [NYP]

• Good thing that FDA panel concluded there was not enough proof that food dyes are bad: Just think how gross Cheetos, popsicles and other foods would be without food coloring! [NYT]

• People who eat candy tend to weigh less and have smaller waists. Bring on the Snickers! [MSNBC]

• If you don’t like candy, try beer: The guy who gave up food for Lent in favor of beer and water has lost fifteen pounds and is doing great. [CBS Chicago]

Government Orders Calorie Counts; Fish Fraud Rampant