Goat Wins, Big Hugs, and Tequila Shots: Time Out’s 2011 Eat Out Awards

Girl & The Goat won big last night at Time Out’s 2011 Eat Out Awards, as it picked up wins for Restaurant of the Year, Chef of the Year (Stephanie Izard), and Restaurateurs of the Year (Kevin Boehm and Rob Katz). The ceremony was held in the gorgeous Modern Wing of the Art Institute, and many of the city’s best chefs were in attendance, noshing on appetizers from Terzo Piano and drinking loads of champagne. The Readers’ Choice awards portion was hosted by a very dry and witty Tony Mantuano, who kept the awards going at a good pace, and managed to take a few rounds of tequila shots along the way. We were there to take it all in.

As they tend to do, Time Out’s Critics’ Picks focused on highly idiosyncratic categories like Best Location for a Murder Mystery (Owen & Engine), Latest Reason to be a Homosexual (Downtown Bar), and Least Insufferable Food Term of the Year (“Chimney Cake”). Obviously, these were mostly just an excuse for the magazine to celebrate their favorite foods and restaurants of the year. Can’t blame them for that. Still, we were really happy to see Jeff Pikus recognized for Best Change of Pace at Maude’s Liquor Bar.

The Readers’ Choice awards were much more typical, and generally free of surprises. Big Star won Best Patio, Lillie’s Q won Best New Barbecue, and Davanti Enoteca won Best New Italian. Also, this was the portion of the program where Girl & The Goat really cleaned up. Continuing its nationwide domination, the restaurant picked up three top awards, and probably would have won more if it had been nominated for another category.

Still, there were some pleasant surprises. Matthew Eversman won Breakout Chef of the Year for his work at Saigon Sisters. Also, Sable Kitchen & Bar won for Best New Beverage Program.

Check out the full list of winners below, along with a slideshow of the festivities.

2011 Eat Out Awards winners: Girl and the Goat nabs best new restaurant, Stephanie Izard chef of the year [Time Out Chicago]

Readers’ choice winners
Best New Restaurant - Girl & The Goat
Best New Bar - Bangers & Lace
Best New Beverage Program - Sable Kitchen & Bar
Best Local Coffee Roaster - Intelligentsia
Chef of the Year - Stephanie Izard
Breakout Chef of the Year - Matthew Eversman
Restaurateurs of the Year - Kevin Boehm & Rob Katz
Best New Bakery - Sprinkles Cupcakes
Best New Steakhouse - Chicago Cut Steakhouse
Best Dessert Truck - Flirty Cupcakes
Best Food Truck - gaztro-wagon
Best New Pub Grub - Owen & Engine
Best New Barbecue - Lillie’s Q
Best New Italian - Davanti Enoteca
Best New Patio - Big Star

Critics’ picks
The “Extreme Makeover: Integrity Edition” Award - Ba Le
Best Cure for the Average Brunch - Sunday noodles at Takashi
Best Change of Pace - Jeff Pikus’s Cooking at Maude’s Liquor Bar
Best Cheese Course - The goat-cheese-cashew-caramel gelato at Black Dog Gelato
Best Location for a Murder Mystery - Owen & Engine
Best Reason to Fly Again - Tortas Frontera
Best Community Sponsor - Matt Maroni
Lifetime Achievement Award - Scott Harris
Best Box Lunch - The Bento Box
Least Insufferable Food Term of the Year - “Chimney Cake”
Best Chip Off the Old Block - Ed Marszewski
Latest Reason to be a Homosexual - Downtown Bar
Best Late-Night Destination - MingHin Cuisine
The Sorta-Annual “Proof that Evolution Exists” Award - Caffé Streets
Best Excuse to Be a Localvore - The all-Midwestern lineup of spirits at WaterShed

Goat Wins, Big Hugs, and Tequila Shots: Time Out’s 2011 Eat Out Awards