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Garces Goes to Market

Jose Garces
Jose Garces Photo: Collin Keefe

Jose Garces will represent at the Food Trust’s Headhouse Farmers Market when it kicks off its season Sunday. And no, the Iron Chef won’t be hawking fresh picked produce from the farm he bought in Ottsville last year. Instead he and his crew will offer a bumper crop of goods made in house at Garces Trading Co. Last year Garces and company joined the market mid season, offering mostly Cryovaced meats and baked goods. “We originally touched base with [Food Trust] about seeing if there was a way we could sell our coffee there,” Laura Vernola, Special Events and Marketing Manager for Garces Restaurant Group told Grub Street. “Unfortunately they already had a coffee vendor, but they were like, ‘Hey, why don’t you guys try some other items.’”

So this year Vernola said the Garces crew will offer a much broader selection of goods. They are packaging the truffle lavender honey that’s been a huge hit at Amada almost since it opened, and introducing a new line of spice rubs. They will also sell a host of different prepackaged meats, including chorizo, country pate and potted duck.

Whether or not the Iron Chef himself will be on hand at the market is likely, but certainly not definite.

“I’m sure you’ll see him shopping at the market,” Vernola said. “He makes his way out to as many GRG functions as his busy schedule will permit.”

Garces Goes to Market