Food Trucks Sue Monrovia; Ronald McDonald Meets Kids Online

• The Southern California Mobile Food Vendors Association is suing the city of Monrovia to challenge a recent law that bans food trucks. [Business Week]

• The FDA is requiring all fish imported from Japan to be checked for radiation. So far, all imports have been declared 100% clean and safe. [KABC]

• The battle over new concessions at LAX is starting to get political, with one side taking out ads in the paper and the other asking for help from friends in high places. [Daily Breeze]

• Just don’t poke him, kids: As part of a new Mickey D’s marketing push, Ronald McDonald is “reaching out to kids online,” a phrase that just makes the whole thing seem extra-predatory to us. [USAT]

• The FDA says food dyes are not linked to hyperactivity, so drink up that red dye no. 2 kids. [LAT]

• Spam wars! Hormel is suing a Dutch company that it claims is ripping off its Spam packaging for their own mystery-meat product, called Prem. [CBS Minnesota]

• What’s the food scene like in Beirut? Big and exciting, apparently. [WSJ]

• Look! Everything you ever wanted to know about grinding burger meat. Perfect since spring is finally here. [Serious Eats]

• That radioactive milk we told you about? It’s, like, totally okay. Probably. [NYT]

Food Trucks Sue Monrovia; Ronald McDonald Meets Kids Online