Fight Over ‘Mommy’ Wine; Famous Food Lets Heidi Montag, Ashley Dupré Launch Restaurant

• A couple of winemakers marketing to frazzled mothers are fighting over the word “Mommy” on labels. Maybe everyone just needs to calm down and have a nice glass of Pinot, hmmm? [West Law News & Insight]

• April Fools’, again? An upcoming VH1 reality show, Famous Food, will feature Heidi Montag, Ashley Dupré, and other people who probably don’t really eat launching a restaurant. [PopWatch/EW]

• Nathan’s Famous hot-dog-eating contest on Coney Island will separate the women from the men this year, though, in keeping with pervasive wage disparities, the ladies’ prize is a measly $5,000 compared to $20,000 for the men. [CNN]

• Remember how Italian restaurant Vince & Eddie’s, where Lady Gaga was an investor, closed down mysteriously? Well, now former employees are suing for wage violations, though Gaga isn’t named. [DNA Info]

• Turns out the biggest losers might be viewers of shows about weight loss: A study shows that looking at fat people can cause the beholder to gain weight. [Healthland/Time]

• The Bronx will lose another food business when Bazzini peanuts, which makes the “official peanut of Yankee Stadium,” takes its manufacturing facilities out of state. [Crain’s]

Fight Over ‘Mommy’ Wine; Famous Food Lets Heidi Montag,