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Extreme Pizza Growing to Westwood and The South Bay

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Extreme Pizza, a Northern Cali-headquarted pie-slinger with locations in Brentwood, Long Beach, and across the U.S., plans to further infiltrate L.A. with two more independently-owned locations. But first, what makes these pizzas so extreme, besides their marketing directors’ way with words? We’re guessing its the names and toppings, with such seriously stacked offers as the Poultry-geist, loaded with ranch marinated chicken with three cheese and a hot ton of veggies, and the bacon and cole slaw-topped Adrenaline Rush (aw, dudes, how totally extreme!). There is also a Boar’der with no boar and a California Cactus with nary a nopalito, oh, and recently these guys had a bunch of customer credit card numbers get the gank, which actually is kinda extreme in the bad way. But in any case, where are the two new locations headed?

The company website readies users for a location in Westwood Village, said to be “coming soon.” But first, we see one popping up in Redondo Beach at the end of May from the owner of neighboring Ocean Tava Indian Bistro. There’s been a small proliferation of pizza chains in L.A. lately like expansions from Fresh Brothers, Beach Pizza, and Vinny’s Pizza. With its catchy name and unique pies, Extreme should stand out.

Extreme Pizza, 1212 S. PCH. Redondo Beach.

Extreme Pizza Growing to Westwood and The South Bay