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Everything’s Coming Up Chinese

Is the era of Italian cuisine dominating the food world soon to have a brief hiatus (pizzialo-stabbings notwithstanding)? It seems to us that Chinese-Americans are making a move: Not only is Xi’An set to open yet another outpost next to the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory (this one with 30 seats, for which we are grateful), but Serious Eats has also published a fairly thorough dim sum dictionary that’s almost as attractive as our pasta slideshow.

It’s not just the online press that’s obsessively covering Chinese food. The most recent New Yorker features an epic article from Evan Osnos, their Beijing-based writer, who hits five European countries in ten days on a bus packed with Chinese compatriots.

They eat Chinese food through Florence and Paris, Luxembourg and Venice. At one point, the tour guide jokes that the relaxed Mediterranean morning routine is to “wake up slowly, brush teeth, make a cup of espresso, take in the aroma,” which gets loud laughs from his fellow Easterners. It’s a very food-focused piece, a hilarious study of the difference between European and Chinese cultures — and it’s free.

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Everything’s Coming Up Chinese