Evanston Hopes to Ban All Disposable Bags

Evanston is probably going to ban plastic bags.
Evanston is probably going to ban plastic bags. Photo: Katerha/Flickr

Next time you plan to shop for groceries in Evanston, you might want to bring your own bag. The city is hearing a proposal that would ban all disposable bags, which obviously means that plastic won’t be an option any more. Calling them a “bane to environmentalists” the Tribune notes that many cities have already gotten rid of them, including San Francisco. Other cities have also imposed a tax on plastic, hoping to steer people towards other options. But this law would also ban paper bags, which might be the first time a city has suggested doing so. In fact, if the law passed it would be “among the most restrictive bag laws nationwide.”

The article points out that the “proposal remains in its infancy,” and “the logistics of how a ban would be implemented aren’t clear.” But what do you think? Honestly, we are quite proud of our stylish array of reusable shopping bags, but have definitely gone to the grocery store and realized that we left all them at home. Would we then be forced to shell out for $10 canvas bag or simply have to lug all the items home in our arms? It’s an interesting argument to have, but we suppose anything that can be done to reduce the number of plastic bags is probably a good thing.

Paper or Plastic? Evanston mulls ban on both
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Evanston Hopes to Ban All Disposable Bags