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Eton Tsuno’s IOTA Cafe and Bakery Coming to KTown

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

It appears a KTown space has been acquired for IOTA Coffee, the new state-of-the-art cafe that counts Eton Tsuno as its primary consultant. Tsuno, the former coffee whiz at LA Mill and onetime owner of San Francisco’s Cafe Organica, is a familiar finalist from the local and national U.S. Barista Championships and was called the coffee world’s “equivalent of a rock-star sommelier” by Jonathan Gold.

Over on Western between Fifth and Sixth streets, we spot “coming soon” posters for IOTA Cafe and Bakery, a forthcoming project that includes Tsuno and his Haus Dessert Boutique partner, Tommy Kim, that will house the experts’ enormous passion for coffee. In fact, the main feature here, according to the business’ Facebook page, will be more like “latte art” than mere coffee. An early website is up and, though the business looks to be in its preliminarily stages, an 2011 opening is promised.

IOTA Cafe and Bakery, 528 S. Western Ave. Koreatown. 310-923-2724.

Eton Tsuno’s IOTA Cafe and Bakery Coming to KTown