Dolores Park Standoff Coming Next Weekend As La Cocina Sets Launch Date

Trust us when we say we don’t want to fan the fire here. But after Chicken John Rinaldi announced this week that he wanted to stage a “puke-in” to protest the launch of any sort of food concession in Dolores Park, and that said protest would occur tomorrow, April 23, La Cocina has gone ahead and confirmed to Mission Local that their Dolores Park launch will take place April 30. As we earlier reported, Chaac Mool will be the opening resident vendor in the small-ish trailer that has already been parked at Hayes Valley’s Proxy development for the past week — and where it will remain in soft-launch mode this weekend. “I hope everybody was clear that we’re moving forward,” says La Cocina’s Caleb Zigas.

Chaac Mool is a mom-and-pop operation being run by two well meaning people, Maria de la Luz and Luis Vazquez, who have invested $14,000 of their own money in the venture, with the hope of ultimately opening a restaurant elsewhere.

After Chaac Mool, La Cocina will rotate other client vendors through the trailer, all of whom are using La Cocina’s incubator kitchen to get small food businesses off the ground.

Chicken John remains unmoved by the non-profit nature of La Cocina’s cause, and sees this only as an unwanted commercial invasion of his beloved anarchic park. He believes there was not adequate public input before the Rec and Parks department approved food carts in Dolores Park.

We shall see how this all shakes out, and we plan to cross any picket/puke lines to get ourselves a taco.

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Dolores Park Standoff Coming Next Weekend As La Cocina Sets Launch Date